Yes you heard right, we buy and trade for your nerd merch!  So what exactly are we buying?

Here's a non-exhaustive list; feel free to call or email us if you want to confirm we're interested before you make the trip with your stuff!

We buy:

How much do we pay?

*Please keep in mind it's not an exact science, but we take pride in paying top dollar for nerdy collectibles, so if you can find a better offer anywhere else, you should take it, no hard feelings.

There are three primary factors that go into valuating an item, including the condition, market pricing, and market demand.  

For items in high demand, we typically pay 50-60% of the current market value, considering the condition (the more it's worth, the higher % we pay).  

What about trades?

For trading, we will offer store credit instead of cash, and give you a better deal, +15% on the cash offer if you want to trade instead

Want to sell yourself online but need some help?

We also offer appraisal services if you're looking to sell your collection via ebay or other online marketplaces.  We'll help authenticate the item, provide the proper listing title, and condition for listing so you can sell your items online with confidence.